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This will be the last frames from Berlin this year.

I’ll be travelling South East Asia for the next few months. Starting Nov 28 in Saigon, I’ll spend December travelling around Vietnam, January in Cambodia and February in Laos / Thailand. I’ll be back in Berlin by mid March. The travel route is not fixed and somewhat spontaneous, but if anybody happens to live in that region or travel during the same period (I’ll pass most of the major cities), we should meet up for coffee, drinks or shoot together.

Send me an email to klara.yoon at gmail dot com.

All pictures taken with M6 or Contax T2

 Tri-X at boxspeed and pushed to 1600 developed in Xtol

Watering our plot at sunset

Tempelhof runway

The airfield after sunset

One of the last summer days, during a walk around my neighborhood

Funny how you sometimes see similar scenes right after another

Another night, around Weserstr this time

Going to Tempelhof park once again

Taking care of our pumpkin

We spent a lot of afternoons here, taking part in that urban gardening thing

Selfie puzzle

A peek inside Babylon cinema

Tempelhof Park once more



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