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This entry feels a bit incomplete and incoherent, a lot of frames are missing, because I lost a couple of rolls in the developing process.

Anyways, here they are, some frames from October and November 2012.

As always, Tri-X in Xtol, boxspeed and pushed.


S-Bahn Neukölln


Shooting with Julian






Cooking at Susie’s








Treptower Park





Max visited




Shooting with Alex



Karl-Marx-Str on a gloomy day, this guy cheered us up. Used Max’s 28mm Elmarit 2.8 from here on


And these guys too


Nicest guy I’ve met from the Ordnungsamt (public order office).


On a stroll through Friedrichshain, lost almost every roll I shot on that day due to a broken developing tank


Edu checking Max’s Hassi


Glad that this frame wasn’t completely ruined (you can still see the light leaks in the back)


Admiralsbrücke getting a wash



Shot a quick testroll to check the new tank. Rollei RPX 100 from here



Goerlitzer Park




Neues Museum, back to Tri-X and 35mm


A couple from China, I asked them not to smile, they managed after the third frame


Max followed this guy for a while before asking for a photo


Much deserved lunch at Makoto


Chekcing out CWC Gallery


Kottbusser Damm




Haus Schwarzenberg


Met Sam from Melbourne



Hilke gettting ready for a day out in Potsdam



Luise and Rafa



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