I’m Klara, I live in Berlin and I shoot the streets with traditional black and white film.

Portfolio site:  www.klarayoon.com



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  1. Very nice photos Klara. Keep up the good work.

  2. I just loved your Freshly Pressed post. Great work and I really like your colour analog shots. They have a sense of nostalgia about them so I don’t think you should give them up at all. It would be great to photograph Germany, Russia and Eastern Europe in that format, where the sense of history will really speak well to their ‘look’. I am going to be following your blog as it so inspires me for my own blog and photographic pursuits. Thank you!!!

  3. Love to visit & I admire great photos of you Klara. I learn alot. Thank you for sharing.

  4. riv

    found you through your freshly pressed and i’m so glad i did. it’s exactly what i needed right now. i’ve just gone through one of those periods where one puts the camera away for a while. your photos have rekindled my camera relationship. thanks so much. i’ll be following.

  5. heeey i really like ur blog! 🙂 and by the way, i think i know where did you take the photo, which you put as the header, it’s ubahn-station hallesches tor, right?

  6. belladaze

    I enjoyed your photo review of 2011 – here’s wishing you a great 2012!

  7. youve got a new from the philippines. great shots!

  8. hi! you’ve been granted a kreativ blogger award 🙂 don’t feel obligated to do it if you’re too busy, but i thought it was kinda fun 🙂 here’s the post for reference. enjoy! http://rhapsouldize.wordpress.com/2011/12/27/christmas-2011-kreativ-blogger-award/

  9. I’ve just discovered your blog through freshly pressed…. you are very talented and I think I could learn a thing or two from your photos. Keep up the amazing work!

  10. I enjoyed your blog very much. I too love photography and I prefer film over digital.

  11. Mr Mole

    I like photo blogs, and I think that the pictures on your pages are some of the most enjoyable that I have seen.
    All the best

  12. Hi Klara. I just found you on freshly pressed. What a great set of images you have. Love your style.

  13. redemption65

    Very, very nice work. I’m impressed you also process your own stuff. The TLR is a great street shooter, quiet leaf shutter and when pre-focussed allows you to get up close and personal which is what it’s all about. You can check out my modest offerings here http://www.17minutes.co.uk
    Good luck and keep at it.

  14. Continue to capture images of people and their interactions, Klara, you are very good at it. All pictures of people do is tell a story through body language. I was shy as a child, and the camera provided a way for me to communicate more than words every could. I’m glad you have gone ‘pure’ with film and fixer as all photographers should to fully understand our craft and where it came from. “Photography is a major force in explaining man to man.” – Edward Steichen

  15. Fantastic work, So many superb moments, given a great edge/

    Some of the shapes and tones are brilliant.
    really great work!

  16. Especially love your narrative throughout too.

  17. AlanHall

    Really liked the colour pics, as mentioned very nostalgic to me. It has inspired me to get off my behind and get to work with my camera again!! Have a good 2012

  18. mattgreenwoodphotography

    Love your work! If you’ve never looked at the work of Vivan Miaers (might be spelt wrong), you remind of her work sooo much! My problem is getting nervous about getting too close to the subject. But I’m trying harder to get closer! But you are amazing! Pleasure following your work!

  19. Congratulations for being freshly pressed. Look forward to more of your photos.

  20. Stephen Siregar

    Hi Klara! I really admire your work! You must have put so much time and energy into it. Street photography is never as easy as it looks, but you made it so beautiful and effortless. You inspire me to keep my camera by my side for 2012 (but I don’t think I could go back to film like you did).
    Congratulations for the Freshly Pressed feature!

  21. Ian Burgess Photography

    Great stuff….brave to go back to film too…..but it’s paid off…love your work.

  22. I Love all yr artwork..great job! nice & impressing photos, u give me new dimension in seeing things. Makes me wanna try street-photography, which i never did.

  23. Yevette

    Love the blog! Considering the same approach to photography for 2012.

  24. Hi Klara, i too like street photography, although i would like some pointers from you. the style i typically go for is sometimes edgy, sometimes fun, & typically in b&w.
    If you could check out the following link – it’s 20 photos of my neighborhood from a section of shots over the last 4 months, and maybe give me a little advice? http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.291578274217508.67650.100000960128075&type=1&l=125880e64f

  25. niken

    Hi Klara, nice blog and really great pictures! Love your blog 🙂

  26. I don’t remember how I ended up in your post and this nice post, but I LOVE IT!!! Great picture story teller!!!

  27. Joanna

    Your work is amazing! Keep posting so I can keep looking!

  28. Awesome blog Klara. I like your style. I’m looking forward to following your work.

  29. Awesome blog and amazing pictures, I love them all ! It’s a very nice work !!! It makes me wanna try it 🙂

  30. Hey, your blog is amazing! Your pictures are wonderful!!!

  31. Like everyone here – great work! You have a knack for capturing ‘occasion’ & I congratulate you for going back to film over digital. Soooo expensive though – wow! I want to challenge you at some stage to go back to colour. I think it is more difficult to capture mood or ambiance in colour & somewhat easier to achieve this in B & W. All B & W on a black background seems to have a slight melancholy feeling for me too. When I lived in Germany my world was colourful & vibrant. Seems that you are wanting to constantly challenge yourself & continue your excellent photographic journey so just thought I’d say that as slightly controversial 🙂

  32. MTW

    Brilliant photography, Klara.

  33. Very Nice work….I will be following you often. i enjoy your work.

  34. giuntacartoons

    Love your photography. Your work reminds me that black and white is still a beautiful way to express the world. It is exciting to see a young photographer still work in film. Keep up the great work.

  35. Daniella

    Stunning blog. I think you have a very distinctive photographic style – I love it! x


  36. Scotty

    I wish I had found out about your blog earlier. I just got back from a nine week jaunt around Europe. I did happen to pass through Berlin. It could have been such fun to meet up!
    I have just begun a photoblog/website myself. It’s good to see someone else working with film and a rangefinder. We’re a dying breed you know. ; )
    Anyway, just wanted to give some props for putting your work out there. Keep shooting.


    • Too bad, Scotty, I would have loved to meet up! I agree, not many people here shooting with a rangefinder and film. Let me know the next time you’re around, we should definitely go on a photowalk. Cheers!

  37. imagingdd

    congrats for your nice work! i especially like your analogue urban shots but you should do more in color 😉
    keep up your work and struggle on!

    • Thanks! I still have a couple of 120mm color rolls in the freezer, will try them as soon as it gets a bit warmer to lug the Rolleiflex around… 🙂

  38. Nice Photos 🙂 I like your style and your perspective. Honest and kickass!

  39. love your work!
    b/w, raw and honst.

  40. your photography is amazing, I love it 🙂

  41. Great blog Klara… we are just starting ours and I felt the necessity of linking your blog. It´s simply amazing work. Take a look at http://www.whatweseeiswhatweare.com, keep in touch.


  42. Pingback: Looking Back to Move Forward – 2011/2012 | International Villager

  43. Telling life as it is – I like it! (Also noticed your blog from Freshly Pressed.) I look forward to more of your street photos.

  44. Ah, the smell of fixer. I miss it too!

  45. Hi Klara, greetings from Mumbai, India.
    excellent blog and loved your work on streets. Honest story telling. Do drop by to check out some street work from India when convenient. Look forward to coming back again. Good luck and keep shooting.

    • Thanks Mayank, appreciate your words very much, coming from a fellow street shooter. I subscribed to your blog, lovely work there, keep in touch!

  46. elsethenomad

    Beautiful photos!

  47. katerz246

    I love Berlin and have since the first time I visited. But I really enjoyed your recap of the year in photos and phrases. You’re work and words are honest and heartfelt and reading about your successes and struggles is like the best kind of therapy. Keep up the explorations and thank you for sharing.


    • I still struggle a lot with street photography, but being on the streets and shooting is not only an addiction but also therapeutic. So glad you like my work, I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

  48. i like your photo very much….your photo give me inspiration to take a lot of street photo..

  49. Mr Mole

    The more I look at your header picture of the girl sat by the window the more i like it, header pictures often get missed, sadly.

  50. pablo proano

    greetings from Ecuador!

  51. Damn it Klara… i LOVE your work!! Was wondering what you doing after the Kodak shut down?! Personally, I’m really disappointed with the company… I just hope Fuji doesn’t follow!!

    • Thanks, man! Well, it’s a pity what happened to Kodak, but their film business is still profitable. So I’m not really worried, the films I shoot most (Tri-X and Portra) will still be around for a while.

  52. Keep shooting Klara! You’re an inspiration!

  53. You’ve been nominated! Check out this link for more details: http://sandiestar.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/blog-recognitions/. Congrats! 🙂

  54. I came across some lovely images on your blog. Looking forward for more.

  55. I mentioned you and your blog as a candidate for the “Versatile Blogger Award”:


  56. Suraj Muraleedharan

    Excellent photos!!

  57. Your work is absolutely stunning! You take such wonderful pictures, I love them 🙂

  58. Hi Klara. Nice pics you got here. I really likes them. I remember a long time ago, working as a photojournalist, I (also) had a Olympus XA myself. Great little camera. I remember some people were so disappointed when I was about to take pictures. Espesially people who believed they were “hot shots”. But if you could/can handle that little rascal, you can balance ambient and flash very nicely, taking great (but not 100 % sharp) shots. And it is perfect for street photography.
    Today I am 100 % digital, and you may take a look at my world at http://www.infoto.no
    All the best.

  59. Hello Klara, I like your work. I would like (maybe) this year to go to Berlin to take some pictures.

  60. Love all your pictures! Great Job!

  61. Love your pics. Captured street feelings in Spain so well.


  62. Your black and white pictures are great. We’ve been to Barcelona two years ago and liked it a lot! May I ask what camera you’re using? 🙂 Greetings.


  63. Hi there, I spotted your website on http://klarayoon.wordpress.
    com/about/ at the same time as browsing for a
    similar topic, your website came up, it seems interesting.

    I’ve saved it in my google bookmarks.

  64. Your header photo is amazing!

  65. mamissyris

    Amazing work, love your blog! ♥
    I´m a new fashion blogger please watch at my blog http://www.styleindistrict.wordpress.com

  66. Really enjoying your work. Thank you

  67. Vielen Dank für diese fantastischen Bilder!!! Folge sehr gerne 🙂

    Grüße nach Berlin

  68. I’m in your hometown and loving it.

  69. Great blog with amazing work, Klara!! Your blog is now in Favourites!! Keep working this way!! Congrats from Spain!!

  70. SofiaDylan

    Very Cool! I’ll start follow you, really curious what els you are going to make Klara! Love it that you do it all on film! (does your camera have a light meter or do you have an external one?) xo Sofia

  71. teelehallmagi

    Really great photos!

  72. Hi Klara,
    Nice shots: taking pictures of people is some big effort, but your pictures look very natural.
    Thanks for sharing

  73. silent.ink

    Hi Klara! Find your blog interesting not only because we share the same name but because your photos are interesting. I hope you don’t mind me featuring it on my blog. But do tell me if you do mind and I’ll take down my post. Thanks.

  74. Keep going and picturing where ever you are: Have a happy and yellow xmas !

  75. I love your street photography. Liebe Grüsse nach Berlin!

  76. Great blog and amazing pictures.

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