Saigon in Color



Saigon, December 2013

Mostly taken around our neighborhood in Co Giang and Co Bac, District 1

Contax T2, Agfa Vista 400, lab scan Saigon
































































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11 responses to “Saigon in Color

  1. Reblogged this on ALTIPLANO PRESS /FOTO PERIODISMO & VIDEO and commented:

  2. sinisa

    Welcome back! You have been missed.

  3. awesome fotos.
    I like the green bins & and the man with the green fan.
    (but they are all good).

  4. Superb street photo series that captured in film. The photos are very authentic with interesting motives and subjects.

  5. Flemming Windekilde

    Very nice pictures, from at beautiful country with beautiful people.

  6. Beautiful photos!
    I’ve found your blog while searching photos of Berlin, and I really love each photo I found here… great job!

  7. These are great shots! How long have you lived in Saigon for? I’ve always wanted to visit there!

  8. some nice pics here but my absolute favourite is the woman exercising in the park with the security guards looking on

  9. Lovely pictures you have captures the atmosphere of Vietnam so well

  10. Edu

    Strange looking are colour pictures from you! 🙂
    Hope you are doing well 🙂

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