Contax T2 + Leica M6 and 35mm VC Nokton

Tri-X at boxspeed and pulled at ISO 200

Developed in Xtol 



Continuing from the last entry. View from Teufelsberg



Film shooters


Back in Kreuzberg


He forgot his key and managed to open the window








Coffee break at Luiza


Somewhere in Mitte



Back at Hermannplatz





Thomas Dahmen and his Polaroid land camera


And the results


Beautiful light at Nathana & Heinrich


At the canal


Yvonne and Jasper came for a visit











Street food event by the river




Berlin Mitte








Max listening to my shoe


They seem to be everywhere now


Testing Tri-X at 200. Beautiful tones





As an ambulance drove by


Sunset glow



Far away selfie


Outside a shopping mall in Steglitz


Our plot at Tempelhofer Park


Deodorants in a stairway


Prinzessinengaerten, an urban gardening project


DIY bike repair







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  1. I absolutely love your blog and the photos of Berlin! Thank You for sharing! 🙂

  2. vos photos sont touchantes et j’aime vos reportages sur votre ville Berlin

  3. So interesting! I am specially courious about the “DIY bike repair”, is it a open workshop that anybody can go?

  4. An excellent set. And now i really miss Germany in general and Berlin in particular.

  5. Wirklich gute Fotos von Berlin und seinen Menschen zeigst Du da……. 😉

  6. Love this new set. Am seriously addicted to your photos.

  7. I’ve been thinking about picking up an old contax to get back into some street work (for fun). Any specific recommendation on which camera models?

  8. Good photos, I follow you

  9. Picked up your blog from WordPress suggestions and found your black and white images very interesting

  10. Your work is just so amzing! I love everything you do!

  11. Lovely shot ❤ come see my blog ( pics ) 🙂 and please subscribe !!

  12. Thanks guys, I appreciate all your support!

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