Norway and Berlin in Color


All photos taken with Contax T2

Portra 160 for Norway

Vista 400 for Berlin

Lab scans


The view from our cabin




Going fishing



Going hiking


A few things we saw on our way up




My sister on the edge of the Pulprit Rock


Back in Berlin, different colors for different sceneries













On Teufelsberg, former NSA listening station


To be continued …





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18 responses to “Norway and Berlin in Color

  1. Austin Starr

    these are wonderful! thanks for posting.

  2. Lahme Ente


  3. Reblogged this on penwithlit and commented:
    Great photographs!

  4. seb

    tolle Bilder und richtig richtig gute Scans! Wunderbare Farben!

  5. Katja

    Klara, I love you in color! (As I do in b&w…) ❤

  6. Very nice street point of view. I will be glad if you want to take a look to my blog about travel and photography!

  7. Beautiful photos! I am new to photography and find it difficult shooting in bright, direct sunlight. Yours turned out wonderful!

  8. I love Preikestolen and Norway mood! Great shots. Two man with a wardrobe in Berlin – like it!

  9. Great pictures! Hope you liked Norway (I live here myself)

  10. Looks a great place for a break… sitting by the water relaxing.

  11. Die Norwegen Bilder sind wunderschön geworden! Wirklich klasse! Berliner favourites – die beiden, die mit dem Kastl unterwegs sind, und das mit dem blauen EImer + blauen Müllsack…

  12. Wunderbar. Besonders gefällt mir das zweite Bild – einfach fantastisch!

  13. i simply loved it 🙂
    Thanks for share

  14. I loved the use of light and shadow in the images! Great work!

  15. Tolle Eindrücke!

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