From a road trip to Norway

Contax T2

Tri-X in Xtol


First stop Denmark


On the way to the beach



My sister collecting shells …


… and stones

On the ferry


 We reached Norway 


On to another ferry ride



Through the woods


Until we reached Kjerag mountain


Made it up


And down again …


Were greeted by theses guys in the parking lot


A paraglider getting ready …



Waiting in the car for the ferry to arrive …


In Stavanger


And back in the mountains …



Chinese tourists


At Voringsfossen, Norway’s longest waterfall



Took a walk to the next village





A variety of hotdog sauces




Hiking up to Preikestolen during sunset



My sister on the rock





One last view of the fjord 





Back on the ferry to Denmark 









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23 responses to “Norway

  1. i feel like going to Norway now….

  2. Hey Klara,

    I really like your pictures! Since a long time i tryed again to work with black and white material. But did not manage to develop the films so far. I’m wondering if there are pictures as good as yours 🙂

    Cheers Martin

  3. Lovely stuff from Norway and I love the one of the boat on the still waters ….keep them coming 🙂

  4. Nice and beautiful pictures! But why in black and white? The world is colorful, even in the north (I hope).

  5. seb

    Klasse. Hier noch ein Favorit: 5942.

  6. I love a lot of your pictures, but most ‘my sister on the rock’ and that boat on the water! Great job!

  7. Your pics are so nice!! The greys and composition of almost of them is really stunning! This one with a little fog, and the reflection of mountain plus the boats!! A+++ 🙂

  8. sinisa

    I discovered your photo blog last month and have eagerly waited for the next upload. It was well worth the wait. Keep it up Klara!

  9. Beautiful images! I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog.

  10. Really GORGEOUS photos Klara!

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