Contax T2


First rolls from the Contax T2

Tri-X in Xtol


The very first shot


I never had a point and shoot and the T2 felt immediately right in my hands


I loved the simplicity of this camera instantly


Lower part of Friedrichstr



Also the look of the lens is pretty amazing


Around Checkpoint Charlie


Love the soft rich gray tones


Construction of (another) shopping mall


Potsdamer Platz


Just for the look of the tones









Waiting for the rain to stop


This guy too





Cheese shop


Outside Markthalle IX


Inside Markthalle IX, Pulled Pork BBQ





Alexanderplatz again


Somewhere on Kottbusser Damm


Metering of the T2 is always spot on 


Focusing isn’t, but I do like the random results


Lovely tones











Cemetery, Friedrichswerderscher Friedhof



Mundane objects …


… looking beautiful





Looking for a new frame


After a few days of adjusting and test riding


The boy and his bike


Lazy weekend


Good times


With a new guy


Afternoon light


Morning light





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9 responses to “Contax T2

  1. The T2 is an amazing camera with amazing optics. Excellent choice 🙂

  2. You present an intimate viewpoint without pretentions and that’s pretty cool.

  3. nice series Klara…i like your point of view

  4. Hey Klara

    Just found your blog! I like what i see and I’m curious about new things 🙂

    Cheers from Zurich

  5. Hi Klara !

    This is a nice post with nice pictures. I really love your work. It has probably been more than a year that I am following you.

    I have a question for you. I am also the happy owner of an M6 and I ordered my T2 this week. I should receive it in two weeks (by the time th paiment get cleared on paypal).

    Anyway, my question was: how did the t2 affected the way you use your M6?

    Thanks a lot for time, I am looking forward for your answer.

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