Some more frames from Vienna

M6 + 35mm Nokton 1.4: Silvermax in Rodinal, Tri-X in Xtol

Rolleiflex Tessar 75mm 3.5: Portra 160 and 400


Cafe Hawelka


Emil after his morning run


Somehow they couldn’t find their way out


Bought some records here



Far away selfies







Naschmarkt at night







Lena and Romana


Rafa and Lena making plans for the night













Back in Berlin: cameras


People with cameras


People with cameras and ice cream


People on bikes with cameras



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  1. Edda

    Hi, always refreshing to see your work. I like more the black & white ones as they seem to be much stronger in their message. Keep going.

  2. love the black and white pictures…

  3. Good ones, as always.
    Wondering why have to started experimenting in color? No pun here 🙂
    BTW, I prefer B&W in daylight more than at night. Just a matter of choice I guess.

  4. Really impressed with your work! I enjoyed my visit

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