Some frames from cold March in Berlin.

Some more frames from rainy Vienna.

M6 + 35mm VC Nokton, Tri-X in Xtol.


Berlin Mitte


Yours truly at Pony bar, captured by Lem


Out with the darkroom gang




Vicki and Chiara


Nice light at Kantina von Hugo


Warming up before going out to shoot


Ventured out to a former “Kleingartenkolonie”, an allotment site


It’s being destroyed to make space for a highway


Vicki, her Seagull and her Rollei 35




Max and Chiara



Showing Vicki how the M works


People getting free massages at Berliner Fahrrad Schau


Breakfast at Cafe Marx


On the way to the lab 


Weekend trip to Frankfurt, breakfast with Sunhee


Tired after having cake


Back to Berlin, Goerlitzer Park


Max helping a kid carry a trunk


Georg on the moon hill


Kay and Sue “loading” the Rolleicord


Georg in action


Konica Big Mini!








In Vienna




Got a impromptu performance by some kids in the park





Next morning, Donaukanal with Emil and Rafaela


3rd district





Loving the old school trams




Next day it rained


And rained







Favorite frame


Happy after having the best Apfelstrudel in town, Cafe Korb


More rain




Out with Anja, on the right 

To be continued …



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  1. Great series !! Very good images of this cold and rainy spring. Outstanding B&W, excellent job Klara.

  2. As always, I just loved your pictures – most of it at least – and how you capture the happy-go-lucky feeling around you.

  3. Hey I recognize people ! and places ! there’s a few really good ones in here K. Ich vermisse Berlin 😦

  4. love your pictures…
    especially: Nice light at Kantina von Hugo

  5. I love the whole series – the pictures are very modern, but with a slightly vintage feel to them.

  6. 2Spools

    Really missing film. Many reasons why in your images.

  7. Ich war selbst erst einmal in Berlin. Aber mir hats da sehr gut gefallen 🙂 Deine Bilder finde ich sehr interessant. Ich habe so etwas ähnliches eventuell für meinen Blog auch für Köln vor. Die schönsten Orte von Köln oder so 🙂 Würde mich freuen wenn du mal vorbeischaust:

  8. schöne und interessante serie.
    gruss robert

  9. Lim See Yee

    Hello. Nice pic. Following you …

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