Spain III

This is the last entry from Spain.

After Barcelona we went to Valencia.

M6 + 35mm VC Nokton. Konica Hexar AF. Tri-X in Xtol. 


Valencia met us with gorgeous light


And orange trees



Max in nice light


Ad for World Press Photo


Central Station


Evening light






On the way to the beach


Edu trying sunglasses


Beach shooters



Lunch at Edu’s place



Blanca and Edu


Jenga time!




Around the Old Town of Valencia








All taken with Edu’s Hexar AF from here


Dogs of Benimaclet

















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17 responses to “Spain III

  1. Very nice finding people that commands Valencia’s hard light. Goog job !!

  2. Great photos, Very good eye – loved this blog

  3. This have the marvelous charm of chemical photography. I love it.

  4. Central station : top!!

  5. Puh, great. Light, atmosphere and grey tones are spot on. Lovely.

  6. seb

    Klara, wie immer ganz tolle Sachen dabei! Schaut auch bei dir richtig gut aus mit dem Xtol 🙂

  7. Great composition of images! i miss spain

  8. I lived in Valencia for a while…. loved to see it again.
    Beautiful black and white pictures. thank you

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