Spain II

The second part of our trip to Spain. 

Tri-X in Xtol 1:1.

Silvermax in Rodinal 1+50.


Waiting for departure



Landed in Barcelona. First thing I noticed was the light!


On the way to the city center we met Shuhei from Tokyo


Skateboarding is not a youth culture thing here






Park Guell


Finding something decent to eat during the siesta was a challenge




Train station during siesta


Parc de la Ciutadella 



Loved the light just before sunset


Practicing for the next cocktail contest



Early morning on the roof of our apartment












Morning light in El Raval



Really liked the area around the Museum of Comtemporary Art



The weirdest thing we saw during our trip



Shooting while waiting for lunch


Harbor at sunset


On the way to the beach













Off to the next stop




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12 responses to “Spain II

  1. Love the underground workers with the shadows!!!!

  2. I like the images being black and white and the image with shadows is just great. 🙂

  3. Magnificas fotografias!! And marvellous equipment!! B&W is Photography!!

  4. seb

    Hey, mal wieder klasse Aufnahmen, gefallen mir sehr. Das Licht war ja superstark, toll genutzt! Gerade die abstrakten Architektur/Geometrien wie 4094, 4236 und 4121 gefallen mir diesmal sehr sehr gut!

  5. Round Table

    Love the Park Guell shot.

  6. they all are wonderful, but the one with all those bicycles: stunning!

  7. I agree, the photo with the bicycles is amazing! I also really like the train station in siesta, the one with the workmen and the shadows, and I like how the washing lines lead you into the picture in the early morning on the roof one. Now I want to visit Barcelona too!

  8. kilted1

    Nr.” the woman with the hat is the one that made this set for me :0)

  9. Love all your pictures!!! I’m from Barcelona!!

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