Spain I


I went to Barcelona and Valencia in February to flee the never ending winter in Berlin.

I’m going to post the pictures in a couple of entries, here’s the first one, in medium format and color. 

Rolleiflex Tessar 75mm 3.5. 

Portra 160 and 400. 

Scanned with Epson V700.



The first morning in Barcelona. Taken from the balcony at Laura’s place.



Fell in love with the light in Spain instantly


There’s a huge skateboard culture in Barcelona.


Really like the vibe in El Raval




El Born. Had great lunch at this place.



Along the waterfront



From Miguel’s roof at sunrise.





An actor/musician we met.



















We stumbled into a Fallas, a traditional Valencian celebration.





Cabanyal, a former fishing village








Back in Benimaclet







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8 responses to “Spain I

  1. 으악. 쩐다~ 쩔어어 어 어~~

  2. Some nice shots in there but you need to edit them down– there are like 20 shots of the same thing. I make this same mistake all the time!

  3. Banause. 어딜 봐서. 어딜!

  4. hehe love the Kodak picture with the garbage out front, seems to say much about their current status :p
    I agree with wilson though, edit a bit more, your tumblr stuff was a little better edited

  5. Thanks for bringing some light into this grey & dark afternoon in Vienna! 🙂

  6. Color???? I must have been away longer than I thought 🙂

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