Some more frames from 2012.

Tri-X at boxspeed, 800 and 1600. All developed in Xtol 1:1.

Beginning with some frames from the XA. I’m amazed by what this little gem can do.

At Michelberger Bar

Somewhere around Sonnenallee

It snowed for the first time of the year

The very kind Necmi mounted my prints. If you ever need mounts or frames, visit his shop at Manteuffelstraße.

Beautiful winter light

Taking shelter from the rain at Johnny Woo’s

Switching to the M6 from here.

Took a walk around Wrangelkiez, like the blur here

Max, the ubahn shooter

At Victoria Bar

And then the dreaded winter arrived

And brought some days with gorgeous light

This was strange and sad

A woman doing Tai-Chi

Jerome visited

I don’t think I’ll shoot at 1600 in daylight again. Not fond of the tones, too harsh for my taste.


My sister took this one

Warschauer Brücke

It’s weird to see people going to Christmas markets after the holidays

My sister in action

Found a horse

Who does the city belong to?

Visited the aquarium

Tried my first aeropress coffee at the Barn, quite liked the taste.

A short trip to Frankfurt in January

Max in action


I think I’m starting to like softly blurred frames

Frankfurt has different light, but most importantly: more light

At Oosten. Beautiful place at the river

The new skate park in Frankfurt

They built it in front of the new European Central Bank

Ironic, isn’t it?



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  1. Cool! There are so many good photos here! My favourites are: the brick wall with shadows, the shop seen through the shelves, the dog looking at vegetables, and the girl holding the umbrella in the snow. The two dogs tied together is so strange! I wonder what was going on there?

  2. Again…. thanks so much for letting me see your world and vision!!!!

  3. Einmal mehr großartig, Klara. Winter, Licht, Berlin & Frankfurt. Nicht nur schön, auch eine Herzensangelegenheit. Und beim nächsten Besuch von Jerome bin ich dann auch auf jeden Fall wieder mit vonder Partie.

    Viele Grüße & weiterhin sichere Straßen, Fritsch.

  4. Wow, deine Fotos haben eine unheimlich tolle Ausstrahlung! Vor allem die Schatten und Kontraste gefallen mir sehr!

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