This entry feels a bit incomplete and incoherent, a lot of frames are missing, because I lost a couple of rolls in the developing process.

Anyways, here they are, some frames from October and November 2012.

As always, Tri-X in Xtol, boxspeed and pushed.


S-Bahn Neukölln


Shooting with Julian






Cooking at Susie’s








Treptower Park





Max visited




Shooting with Alex



Karl-Marx-Str on a gloomy day, this guy cheered us up. Used Max’s 28mm Elmarit 2.8 from here on


And these guys too


Nicest guy I’ve met from the Ordnungsamt (public order office).


On a stroll through Friedrichshain, lost almost every roll I shot on that day due to a broken developing tank


Edu checking Max’s Hassi


Glad that this frame wasn’t completely ruined (you can still see the light leaks in the back)


Admiralsbrücke getting a wash



Shot a quick testroll to check the new tank. Rollei RPX 100 from here



Goerlitzer Park




Neues Museum, back to Tri-X and 35mm


A couple from China, I asked them not to smile, they managed after the third frame


Max followed this guy for a while before asking for a photo


Much deserved lunch at Makoto


Chekcing out CWC Gallery


Kottbusser Damm




Haus Schwarzenberg


Met Sam from Melbourne



Hilke gettting ready for a day out in Potsdam



Luise and Rafa



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  1. Really like your blog, long time follower first time commenter! Particularly love the image from Treptower Park, beautiful!

    • The couple in Treptower Park seemed to have a serious conversation, and I didn’t dare to go any closer, usually I wouldn’t take that frame when I’m that far away, but glad it turned this way. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  2. wirklich, wirklich schön! installation oder das werk eines spaßvogels? und das hier gefällt mir auch ziemlich gut!

    was war denn los mit deinem tank???

    schöner entry, trotz der verlorenen bilder…

    • Uh danke! Die Fahrräder waren bestimmt eine Aktion von nem Junggesellenabschieds oder so. Der Tank war nicht mehr lichtdicht, er war auch schon uralt (made in West Germany) und ich hab’s einfach zu spät gemerkt…

  3. Very nice photographys, i like your view of the world!

  4. I like you photos very much! Great shots!

  5. Beautiful touching photos!

  6. baryna

    nice diary you got here! cheers 🙂

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