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Color Intermezzo


A few test shots from my newly acquired Olympus XA.  And also a couple of frames from the Rolleiflex which I neglected too much this year. 



The first frame, DM Paradies 400


Love how small and inconspicuous the XA is


And quite sharp for such a little lens



Tried out the flash, not too fond of the results, this turned out alright


Ektar 100 from here


At Agora Collective



Taken by Max


 Görlitzer Park, Reala 100





Met these two from Singapore at the canal





Kotti romance


An empty school yard, it felt calm and serene on a sunday afternoon


Edu in action


Empty Prater Biergarten, Portra 400 from here




At c/o Berlin


A couple I asked for a portrait



Max and his beloved Hassi


The spot where Jonny K. was beaten to death





She asked for a portrait with her camera. After that I took one with mine.


Chasing the last sunrays



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