Tri-X  800 and 1600 in Xtol, Rollei RPX 100 in Rodinal.



September arrived.


And brought some lovely summer nights.


Some things just looked better at night.


We paid a visit to Vietnamese tea house ChenChe.


And to Bee’s performance.


Visited a Muslim cemetary


And the mosque at Columbiadamm


Marveled at the ornaments …


… and listened closely as the Imam prayed.


And stretched out our legs on the carpet.


Spent the night on the bridge knowing that this might be the last for the next 9 months.


Kept shooting random stuff.




Met David and his GR1. 


I still got that look sometimes.






Got close.


I had my first group exhibition.


And got more comfortable shooting at Alexanderplatz.




Spent a lot of time in Kreuzberg





And in Neukoelln


Then fall arrived.


I bought a Olympus XA. Edu inspected it thouroughly.


We had spectacular fall light,


then suddenly winter came.


Started to spend more time inside than outside.



Watched some people at work





Visited the exhibition of un-posed (Polish street photography collective) with Lorenzo and Edu.


Pior, gallery owner, had an idea.


I got to be a nose for an evening.


Watched Lorenzo …


… and Edu, who does some insanely good medium format work with infrared film. 


The days got darker…


… and colder.


Smooching to stay warm?



I met Johannes


And strolled around in Mitte






How to choose a neg for a print


Spent an afternoon shooting with Lem


Shot more random stuff


Felt exactly like that sometimes …


And like this …




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11 responses to “

  1. Another nice series, Klara.

  2. ¡Qué famosas fotografías! La oveja es mi favorita.

  3. Fantastic real photographs! Beautiful!

  4. Edu

    Hey Klara,

    I’m honored! I appear twice in your picture :D. Love the intimacy in your series. Keep the good work and keep being so hard on your self 🙂

    See you soon!

    And thanks again for the book and for the constant feedback

    Be happy!

  5. Hugo Mamede

    Such great set, Klara. this posts always inspires me. I have just created a blog for my own photos as well. I love black and white film, would you take a look a tell me what it looks like to you? It would mean a lot 😀


  6. Gute Arbeit! Selten sowas;)
    Ich war letztens in Berlin…da sind WIRKLICH gute sachen zum fotografieren!
    wenn du mags, schau mal hier rein;)
    Gruss Anton

  7. I really like your work on this one. Thanks for the tour 🙂 of the cities!! ~ John

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