Posting summer pictures to fight the first winter blues.

Films are Tri-X in Xtol, Rollei Retro 100 & Rollei RPX in Rodinal.



Tempelhofer Feld


Runway stroll


Had the chance to finally meet super nice Stefano from Rome. Great to geek out together about rangefinders / street / film photography.

Check out his work here.





The so called “Thai park”, a small park in Wilmersdorf where the Thai community gathers to cook and sell their food. 


The food is amazing, from pad thai to fresh mango salad to fried bananas, everything is a flavor explosion.


Ana and Paulo


Rafaela visited again


Took this on a walk with Edu and Lorenz




Crouch and click


On the way to stock up on film


Mitte people


One of those late summer afternoons with beautiful light



Thaipark. With Bee this time




She wasn’t happy being photographed





Thai park. Waiting for my turn. 








Demonstration against skyrocketing rents




Mit Vergnügen






Tempelhofer Feld 


Min visited




Boy in a bank


Boys on bikes



Thai Park with Juna and her friend


In Esther’s backyard









Doing a little excercise, shooting in spots I usually avoid.







Same spot, a few days later.


Fresh supply of Wurst 




Some kind of developing error, negs came out overcooked and with white chocolate sprinkles on top.



Different spot, same excercise. Crowded space, no clean backgrounds and me having a hard time to find pictures.


Shot purely random stuff while waiting for David.


Asian David Lynch








Yvo & Chris came for a visit, we made it out to the Thai park despite of the cold temperatures. Right, winter’s already here … 




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  1. What a nice surprise after a long day of work!
    Just had a quick glance – too tired to really take it in, but the synchonized dog yoga one is great, and David Lynch (asian version)…
    I already miss summer, now that you reminded me…

    • Aww, thanks Anja, just catching up on the comments now. Yeah, it’s been already too long since summer, only 2 or 3 hours of daylight and the metal of the camera feels too damn cold on the face…

  2. Amazing shots. I almost felt like I was actually there when they were being taken.

  3. Die Hunde!! (und das Bild drüber!) Die Asiaten! Und die Tempelhoffotos sind wieder schön geworden! (ist das 성민오빠?)

  4. You actually See things! Some of the pics a more than excellent and amazing. It was a pure visual joy to go through them. Best from Slovenia.

  5. Hi, enjoy seeing your images! So Berlin did have some summer this year (hear me grumblin… in Hamburg, Germany, thats just before hitting the polar cycle) love the one with the little one painting on the street/place; same girl with zebra-striped pants.

    • Yeah, we had a bit of a summer, although that seems like ages ago. Berlin feels like the arctic region these days. Hope you had a nice fall in HH? Cheers!

  6. Another group of stellar shots…. beautiful to be able to take a trip through your eyes.

  7. I like your photoessays. You disappear for a while, and then pop up suddenly and spray us with a full salvo.

  8. Reblogged this on Serendipity of Light | Photography by Steven Dale and commented:
    The first of what I hope will be re-blogged posts from other blogs that I like and want to share with you. Check out these great images of Berlin and share them with your friends and circles.

  9. i enjoyed all the bicycle pictures looks like a lot of people ride out there

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