Starting with some remaining photos of Vienna. I’m back in Berlin now, July has been busy, but I got to shoot quite a bit of random stuff. 

As always all images shot on Tri-X (developed in Xtol) and Rollei Retro (developed in Rodinal).



MQ at night


I rarely take the camera with me when I go out at night, I’m paranoid about losing it. This night was an exception, but I realized I want a little point and shoot for these occasions.


Rafa and the crew


Next day, opening of the Elliott Erwitt retrospective


Didn’t turn out like I hoped.


But this one did. Notice his fried-egg brooche and the horn on his cane?


First district




Tram ride to Judith


Next day, view from my bed 




Good bye Vienna


Back in Berlin


Found bunnies playing basketball






Went to the Baltic Sea for a few days


It was rather cold, just warm enough to sit outside


Breakfast on the balcony with Yvonne


Switched to Rollei Retro 100 here


Didn’t shoot much during these days


Somehow I couldn’t find interesting scenes to shoot, I was also paranoid about getting sand into the lens (it was very windy), so I put the camera away


After the cold days at the beach, back in sunny Berlin


Axel and Romana visited from Vienna


Axel proudly presents his skatedecks. He runs Delight, an Austrian skate label, they make supercool decks.



Dinner at Bee’s


Jong-Eun and Juna. Tri-X +1




Max visited from Frankfurt


Tempelhof airport




Lunch at CoCo. Back to Rollei Retro 100


Ralph Gibson exhib at Camera Work


Perusing some photo books



So the plan was to see the Diane Arbus exhibition.

We met at the entrance, started to geek out about cameras, lost track of time and totally missed the closing time. 


I switched lenses with Max. 28mm Elmarit from here, everything seemed super wide in the beginning


Slowly getting used to the focal length




Looking for a bit of shade to change film


In the beginning I thought I wouldn’t be able to fill the 28mm, but I quickly noticed how much fun this lens was.

There’s no hiding with it.




People signing up for the urban gardening project at Tempelhof Park


After almost a year on the waiting list, this became ours!


Landing strip


Probably my favorite one from this entry



Max having an affair with my Rolleiflex


At the Soviet Memorial



We had no idea what this scene was about




Last one with the 28mm. I liked this lens a lot. It made me think and shoot differently.




Rafa visited from Austria


I saw him at a crossing and followed him into the station. I was fascinated that he was looking at black and white prints on the street


Goerlitzer Park










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  1. Oh Klara! I love your pictures – and definitely not just because you’re also a lovely friend! 🙂

  2. Really like your take on a place…. had the same problem when switching lens to a wider one. Embraced it after awhile 🙂

  3. hey K, nice to see some of those pictures in a larger context. Some recurrent themes of yours, I quite like the woman in front of the volvo and the last shadow cast on the wall. Are you getting the 28mm or not ? 🙂

  4. great photo set i love your work!

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