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Here’s the second installment of the Riga shots. After finishing the project in Riga I went to the countryside in Austria and also to Vienna. 

As always Tri-X at boxspeed and pushed to 800, developed in Xtol 1+1.

Rollei Retro 100, developed in Rodinal 1+50.


Occupy Riga



Shooting in the Art Noveau district


It was one of the longest shooting days/nights. Agnes and Ray, still smiling at 2 am.


Pasquale, Swiss actor


Next day, slept until afternoon and went out for food


Mormon missionaries




Old Town


Next day, stumbled into a photo session in a bakery


After weeks of sunshine and incredible light, it didn’t stop raining for days




Enough of the food from the catering trucks. The only time we managed to get together to cook.


We all craved Korean food. Chicken stew in the making




View into the backyard


Last breakfast with Shin-Ae


Killing time at the airport



This lady was iphone savvy!


Landed in Vienna


Arrived in the Waldviertel. Finishing the Rollei Retro 100 which I started in Riga


Linde, photographed her a dozen times, still super shy in front of the cam


Back to Tri-X. After weeks of being with people 24/7 this was just what I needed.


Hiking up to the Nebelstein



Top of the mountain


Waiting for Nepalese curry


Arjan from Kathmandu showing pictures of his family. He’s a trekking guide in the Himalaya



Tri-X +1 from here


Rafaela and Dominik




Train ride to Vienna









Gyros or Moussaka?




Overexposed almost an entire roll, happens when you ignore the light meter.




Lazy zone focussing




Back to Tri-X at boxspeed


Lunch at Der Zweitbeste









The kids went crazy over a dead pigeon (you can see it in the back on the right), they poured water over it trying to bring it back to life. Shortly after they gave up, I took this. One of my favorites from Vienna I think.






In front of the Natural History Museum






After visiting the Leica shop at Westbahnstr. Very nice guys and awesome 2nd hand / vintage stuff.




I met up with Anja, I’ve been following her blog for a while and was excited to meet her finally in person


See Anja’s shots here


She took me to some nice streets








We were waiting for something to happen, it didn’t, so we took photos of each other


People reacted differently to two little women shooting with rangefinders


Didn’t get any crap at all, quite the opposite instead




Naschmarkt! Anja took the shot of the two guys cutting leaks in the back, I chickened out.


It’s also quite interesting to see how she framed the same scenes, I think this one is almost identical






Shooting you shooting me 


Shadow selfie




This was the last shot I took with her, I was sad to part, I could have gone on for hours, was having too much fun with her.


Somewhere in the 18. district





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