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I developed and scanned a few rolls before I left for Riga, I never got to post them until now.

Some of the stuff is from March and April, it seems like ages ago, it was still winter back then.

All photos shot in Berlin, on M6 and 35mm VC Nokton 1.4. Tri-X at boxspeed or ISO 800, developed in Xtol 1:1.

Scanned with Plustek 7600 and Silverfast


Inside the o2 arena. I took my sister to her first basketball game. 


It was a super exciting game, with overtime and whatnot. ALBA won and we were quite happy.


Katja and Anton at Tempelhof Park


View from double-decker bus.


A teen girl’s dream: shopping at Hollister


At the new shopping mall in Steglitz




Breakfast with Sandra at Ungeheuer. They have one of the best breakkies around.


Esther telling us about her apartment: ground floor with a yard only for her, hard to find these days for a reasonable price.


Windboarders at Tempelhof


We watched them for a while, later they taught us how to ride on these things.


On my way to Globetrotter, getting some stuff for the trips.


Took a peek into the newly opened mall, I usually avoid them, but sometimes they make for some nice backgrounds.




Outside Cafe Oliv


On my way to Foto Impex




I remember that I was quite glad that I wouldn’t have to go through TXL airport anymore. Well, that didn’t work out so well, the billboard is gone now and we’ll have to wait at least one more year until the new airport opens. 


Waiting to pick up Rafaela.


I like the details in this one.




Sometimes, I don’t know why I take a photo, like this one, there was nothing special about it when I took it, just two women with their luggage. Only later on the screen did I see the repetition of lines. I sometimes wonder if it’s pure luck or the subconscious. 


Out of focus Mitte girls


Choosing presents at Gestalten shop


Some ad for a tv show


We were in the middle of the runway at Tempelhof park when a storm came up.


No exit nearby and no umbrella, we got soaking wet.


After the rain.


You could make an entire series about those slogans printed on these bags.


Moving one


Second breakfast at Silberlöffel


At Neues Museum


Couldn’t decide which one I liked better. “A photographer is his own worst editor”.


Didn’t trust the lightmeter and overexposed. Should have trusted.


Turkish wedding photography


On Oranienstr at sunset


Monika, she runs Cafe Bajka. Got a really nice response from her when she recognized herself on one of my photos, and I gave her a print. Her cafe is really cute and cozy, so pay her a visit when you’re around Weichselstr.


Moving two


Waiting to cross Sonnenallee


A couple of shots from the filmset I was working on. Jude, 2nd AD on the left and Jenny, continuity & script. Moving the monitor table from Monbijoupark to Hackescher Markt.


Tiff, production supervisor


Tiff and Volker, Set PA


Setting up the steadycam


Focus puller in front, Berliner Dom in the back.


Ray, 2nd AD. One of the nicest and busiest person on set.


Field editing and video checking in the tunnel.


Kevin and Philipp, line producers


Tiff at work


Makeshift office


Moving the RED Epic to the next location


Another day, another location. 


Camera B Unit


It was superwindy and we were all freezing.


And I was the only one who was excited that we were shooting in my neighborhood.


Goerlitzer Park




Met Adde Adesokan on a photo walk, talented and super friendly guy. You might know his photo series Triptychs of Strangers.




Not much happening on a sunday morning






Adde and Luis (from Lisbon), another really nice guy and street shooter I met that weekend.


Left over emotional intelligence



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