Winter Winds

Leica M6, 35mm Voigtlaender Nokton 1.4.

Tri-X at boxspeed and 800, developed in Xtol 1:1 as usual. Also some color this time, Portra 160 NC.

Scanned with Plustek 7400 and Silverfast.

At Ferropolis, a former coal mining compound, about an 1 hour drive from Berlin.

We landed in the middle of a snowstorm.

No one else was there, we had this huge playground for ourselves.

The lake at the compound

The machines looked like a mix from Transformers/Alien

Sandra on a machine

Accidental double exposure: Ferropolis + Wittenbergplatz. I have to stop reloading film.

Creeping back to Berlin, 30 km/h on the highway.

Beautiful place to shoot color

Some of the machines looked as if they were to start walking any second

Sandra and the bucket wheel excavator

Taking shelter

Getting wet feet

Back in Berlin

Anxious faces at the ticketing line of the film festival

Studying the festival program


Not Shibuya crossing


There’s always some kind of demonstration going on in Berlin


In Goerlitz, a small town in East Germany

No one was on the streets, except for some Asian tourists

Zgorzelec, Poland

One of the coldest day of the year

The streets were deserted

Back in Berlin, a much needed sunny day


Ladder meeting at the film festival

Potsdamer Platz

Window dressing in Mitte


On the runway at Tempelhof park

It is a great place for photo shoots

Messed up the only frame I took of Yvonne when she was here. Something went wrong with the chems.



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34 responses to “Winter Winds

  1. These are awesome! Just love the street photography – the shadows, the faces, the candidness. Excellent series!

  2. Big machinery in snowy blizzard… reminds me of AT-AT in Empire Strikes Back :D…

  3. Pleasure to see this pics. Perfect day report.

  4. Ich finde das letzte Foto gar nicht “messed up”. Ich finde es sogar ziemlich gut!

    • Danke! Ich find’s schade, dass es nicht korrekt entwickelt ist, die Flecken stören mich. Irgendwie ist nicht genügend Entwickler dran gekommen, muss nächstes Mal besser aufpassen beim aufspulen…. 🙂

  5. Die sind alle echt fantastisch. Die ‘Street Fotos’ sind genau wie ich wuensche meine Fotos waeren – klappt aber nie so.
    They’re all really amazing – the ones on the streets are exactly how I imagine my photos to be, although they rarely come out like that.

    • Thanks. I shoot a lot of rolls to get a couple frames I like, most of the time I don’t like how they come out, but it’s been getting better, just keep shooting. Cheers!

  6. some great photos here. I love the accidental double exposure

  7. great pictures, I have wondered, being new to photography, when you photograph people like that in the street, do you get their permission?

  8. Edda

    Living now in Hong Kong, I’m always looking forward seeing new posts and your great pics of my beloved hometown Berlin. The heavy machinery pics are awesome and I love the pic from the lady with sunglasses at Potsdamer Platz.

  9. Hey, love the shots of ferropolis… both in b&w and in color… naver had the chance to get there when still living in Berlin.


    • Thanks, Ferropolis was a great experience, kind of surreal because of all the snow and the quietness, a little bit eerie too. You should definitely visit when you can!

  10. Großartig, Klara. Da muss ich auch mal hin. Was für ein Ritt durch Schnee, Zeit, Wohnzimmer und Küchen. Wirklich großartig!

    Viele Grüße & weiterhin sichere Straßen, Fritsch.

    • Hey Fritsch, Ferropolis kann ich auf jeden Fall empfehlen, ich war total geflasht. Von Berlin ist es nicht wirklich weit, eine großartige Location zum fotografieren! Liebe Grüße, K.

  11. Abby

    I Love the fading in the photo with Yvonne.

  12. Wow, richtig geile Bilder! Frage mich nur, wieso ich jetzt erst auf dich aufmerksam werde. Find auch den portra richtig gut! Ich bastel demnächst ne neue blogroll und weiß schon wer definitiv draufkommt 😀
    Weiter so!

    • Danke! Bin irgendwie letztens über dein Blog gestolpert und fand deine Sachen in Xtol sehr toll. Bin schon gespannt auf deinen nächsten Post!

  13. Pingback: Grateful for the Altitude; Grateful for the Time | Marina Chetner

  14. your shots are full of energy and wonder

  15. xinapray

    Such beautiful compelling images! (I found your blog via Marina Chetner).

  16. Another hugely intriguing street photo essay.

    I like your high speed stop of the snowfall, and I WISH I had the opprtunity to shoot BWE’s in a similar manner.

  17. love all of them! and yeah it does look like some ‘transformers’ hahhaha. keep up the good work bud!


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