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I’ve been to Vienna and the Austrian countryside, to Hamburg for the Saul Leiter exhibition, and my sister visited me in Berlin. There are a bunch of private shots in this entry besides the usual street shots, also it’s a bit longer than the posts before, I posted about 1/4 of the photos I took.¬†All daylight shots are Tri-X at boxspeed or ISO 800, night shots were pushed to ISO 1600, developed in Xtol 1:1.

WordPress does something weird to my files, it renders the shadows brighter than the original uploads, so the deep darks look washed out, hope to find a way to work around it soon. If any of you WordPressers know how to fix this, let me know.

Starting off in Berlin. Yvonne choosing snacks before going to the cinema.

The movie I worked on premiered at the film festival.

She asked me what I was shooting and I told her that I was testing the light meter. It was true.

That time of year. Parents with their kids queuing to buy a Spiderman/Batman whatever costume.

He got to be a Jedi this year.

OMP concert. They play on toy instruments, they’re crazy and fantastic.

At Ryan’s, he was telling me about his business plans here.

Waiting for the flight to Vienna

Testing overexposure +2 stops.

Happy to get away from the shitty weather in Berlin.


Arrived in Vienna

The next day at Rafaela’s, Pumpkin on the table.

One of the hardest things to focus on with a rangefinder: fast moving cats.

Some serious talkin’ going on.

Later at the parents’ house, Romana in the back. Something sad happened that day, it felt surreal for everybody. I can’t remember if Rafaela laughed for the camera or if it was a genuine moment.

We went for a walk, everyone watched Emil as he ran around between the trees.

The sunlight was nice that day.

Lower Austria

Dominik found some pieces of wood

Telling me about wood cutting techniques

The next day, Emil getting some treats

Chillin on the trampoline

Romana “stole” the camera for this frame

Romana and Linde

This was new. Dancing to Osho. It does make you feel better.

Dozing off with Bonzo at my feet

Next morning, Axel and Bonzo. Some lovin’ going on there.

At breakfast

Dominik trying to “ruin” my shot, he knows I don’t like them staged.

Stefan and Judith peeling their eggs, Linde comforting Rafaela

We went to see the grandparents

One of the few frames where it shows that everybody was sad.

Stefan and Judith were freshly in love. They cheered everybody up.

Dominik recently bought a house and we went to have a look.

Behind the house

Dominik: “I know what makes a good shot!”

The auto-crop of the scanner cuts a bit too much of the frames.


Austrian rail


Waited a bit for only one person to appear, didn’t happen.

He caught me there.

Vienna is brightly illuminated at night, Berlin seems so dark in comparison.

It was completely dark by now and I almost missed her.

Inside a Chinese restaurant

Cafe Aida

Hello Mr. Mozart

Cafe Diglas

It was already spring in Vienna, the ice cream shops were open.

Here’s an example of a failed shot (because someone asked). I was waiting for the person in the back of the frame to come closer, I liked the spot of light in the center, I thought it might look good together with the shape of the coat. I noticed too late that somebody on the left was about to enter the frame and block the entire scene, you can see part of his arm on the left. I released and that’s the only shot I got.

An interactive video game at the platform

They all caught me there.

Vienna airport

Closing time

Waiting for the flight to Berlin

Stewardess announcing the safety measures

The next day I went to Hamburg and met up with my sister.


We shoot film and use oldschool maps.

We went to see the Saul Leiter exhibition, it blew our minds.


My sister, I think she perfected the art of power-napping.

Waiting for the ferry.

Beach at Oevelgoenne

It was cold, we covered up in blankets, listened to the wind and raised our cameras once in while.

On the ferry

Back in Berlin, bright and sunny. After I developed this frame I finally ordered a lens hood.

My sister at Friedrichswerderscher Kirche.

The church has been turned into a museum, quite nice in there.

Security guard

Walking back towards Unter den Linden

I’m never much around here, except when my sister visits, she loves this area

Just raised the camera and released, no time to adjust shutter speed, he was quite fast on his skateboard

Urban guardening area at Tempelhofer Park

My sister, she’s whistling

The offical name for the park is Tempelhofer Freiheit

Another failed attempt, released way too early

My sister: “I stood there in case they would yell at you, you could’ve said that you’re taking a picture of me”.

Well, I didn’t get yelled at (I rarely do), but I’m glad she watches out for me.



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