The response to my Year in street photography has been overwhelming and I’m still catching up on all the comments and emails. Thank you guys for all the kind words and the criticism, the encouragement and support. Never did I think that my work would resonate with so many of you. Thanks so much for that, it feels incredibly rewarding and I’ll keep on discovering the streets.

So, this is a rather long entry, I shot eight rolls in December which is not too bad for one of the darkest month of the year. It’s a bit different from the last entries, you’ll see some moments with my family and friends besides the usual street stuff. Because some of you asked: these were all taken with a Konica S3 (Hexanon 38mm 1.7) on Tri-X pushed to ISO 800 and developed in Xtol, diluted 1:1, for 10 minutes.

For those who asked for prints: yes, I’m selling prints. Just write me an email (klaras.street at gmail) with what you’d like and we’ll work things out.



Berlin. A few days before Christmas

At Rathaus Neukoelln





Seen from a parking deck


At Benoite’s christmas’ concert



Write a wish, hang it onto the tree and take a cd home

Where do all the bubble tea shops suddenly come from?


Kung Fu Panda

Katja after hunting down the perfect frame

Kottbusser Damm


Been going to Katies Blue Cat quite often

Sandra tired after lunch

Did I say I take my camera everywhere?

Me, the bus stop and a double-decker bus

People do still use them

At my godfather’s place

Made stupid jokes and laughed a lot

My sister lighting the candles

One of the things I love about this place

Back at my parents’ place, Frankfurt in the back

Downtown Frankfurt

Met with Sunhee

Cell phone light






Met with Max

UBS building


Drooled so much over his Leica

Occupying the escalator

He likes to shoot that stuff








At Imori

My sister waiting in line





Going back to Berlin



My sister looking stealth

Last day of 2011. Happy New Year!



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33 responses to “Remnants

  1. Todd Materazzi Photography

    Outstanding series of B&W street photography. It shows that your heart is guiding your themes. Great job.

  2. Again …excellent eye for what is around you. I am very poor at street pics… but am learning through your perspective.

  3. insearchofwonderland

    I absolutely love urban black and white photography. Your photographs are fantastic!

    Viva la journey,


  4. ever day life, captured so well πŸ™‚

  5. Wow! So much fun you must have had! I enjoyed the pictures of your friends and family. It had that heartwarming feel πŸ™‚ I like the photo of Fredrick and the other store with all of the lights on the walls. That is neat!

    • Thanks, it’s great when it shows that in the pictures. I’ll probably keep on posting stuff from family and friends, make it more like a journal, like the personal feel.

  6. Very nice πŸ™‚ … liked the humor in between . It was like a story … really good πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! It’s interesting, because after the last post I struggled to find a story for this one. I felt that there wasn’t one, so I didn’t write as many captions. Still, good to see that you saw it like a story…

  7. I absolutely love your work! You should consider self publishing a book…..
    Keep it up!

  8. I really love your photos!!! SΓΈren

  9. Mareike

    I came across your Blog shortly after you posted “the year on photography”, and ever since then I checked my rss-feed almost every day for a new post. So today I have a preferct start looking at your photos and checking, which ones are my personal faves (I have three or four of them, and everytime I look through this post again, I add another one). I really enjoy your art, and now I will check again almost daily for the next update.

  10. Wow Klara visited your blog for the first time and so glad I did. Love the images and was absolutely blown away by your previous post as well. Love your style – you have a very subtle style and your images never look forced. It’s always refreshing to discover good authentic street work!

    • Hey Kaushal, thank you, it means a lot, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I must say, I’m continually surprised and amazed by the consistency of your work. Very glad that you visited my blog, hope to keep in touch. Cheers!

  11. This is another great set of images…and so many at once! I love your work and am always inspired to shoot more film after looking at your posts. You have a great eye for street photography, Klara!

    I will keep returning to your wonderful blog!


  12. you are amazing! im astounded every time i am updated. so talented!

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