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The response to my Year in street photography has been overwhelming and I’m still catching up on all the comments and emails. Thank you guys for all the kind words and the criticism, the encouragement and support. Never did I think that my work would resonate with so many of you. Thanks so much for that, it feels incredibly rewarding and I’ll keep on discovering the streets.

So, this is a rather long entry, I shot eight rolls in December which is not too bad for one of the darkest month of the year. It’s a bit different from the last entries, you’ll see some moments with my family and friends besides the usual street stuff. Because some of you asked: these were all taken with a Konica S3 (Hexanon 38mm 1.7) on Tri-X pushed to ISO 800 and developed in Xtol, diluted 1:1, for 10 minutes.

For those who asked for prints: yes, I’m selling prints. Just write me an email (klaras.street at gmail) with what you’d like and we’ll work things out.



Berlin. A few days before Christmas

At Rathaus Neukoelln





Seen from a parking deck


At Benoite’s christmas’ concert



Write a wish, hang it onto the tree and take a cd home

Where do all the bubble tea shops suddenly come from?


Kung Fu Panda

Katja after hunting down the perfect frame

Kottbusser Damm


Been going to Katies Blue Cat quite often

Sandra tired after lunch

Did I say I take my camera everywhere?

Me, the bus stop and a double-decker bus

People do still use them

At my godfather’s place

Made stupid jokes and laughed a lot

My sister lighting the candles

One of the things I love about this place

Back at my parents’ place, Frankfurt in the back

Downtown Frankfurt

Met with Sunhee

Cell phone light






Met with Max

UBS building


Drooled so much over his Leica

Occupying the escalator

He likes to shoot that stuff








At Imori

My sister waiting in line





Going back to Berlin



My sister looking stealth

Last day of 2011. Happy New Year!



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