Let’s don’t be strangers

Yesterday I received an email from a nice stranger with a photo of an asian woman photographing in Mauerpark, asking if it was me. Sorry to disappoint, it wasn’t me. But in case you see me wandering around the streets, let’s don’t be strangers, say hello.

All photos Tri-X souped in Xtol, 1:1.

Cafe Schaumschläger, I was the only one there, had a quick lunch before meeting a client.

Waiting to cross at Sonnenallee.

Claudia visited.

Katja, still shy in front of the camera

On the way to BBI, one of the best burger joints around.

I wish I’d taken this from another angle, but sometimes there’s only that much space on a bus…

A visit to the library.

Sehnsucht nach Paris in Prenzlauer Berg

Treptower Park station, a few steps closer would have been nice.

Fridge Art.



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13 responses to “Let’s don’t be strangers

  1. There is something quite special about the black&white, sharply contrasted photos. Love those.

    • Thank you! I like punchy black and whites too, I’m still trying to find the right combination of developing and scanning, but seems like I’m slowly getting there. Thanks again.

  2. Great shots! Love all the randomness of them. The un-realizing people caught in life where really cool. Nice eye for the shot you have. Bravo.

    Blessings to you and happy New Year. I am going to follow you….. maybe you would reciprocate in kind? C ya later…..


  3. Valerie . Anna

    Gorgeous eye for photography.

  4. Albert Gigliotti

    I think this is excellent camera work.I do however Like color Better but you have created a great piece of Photography & I am old Telephone Manager,Retired but love to take pictures. I am not to much for cameras But I do use a Kodax 813.I prefer making videos and adding music to them. Would you like me to make one for you? My “E-Mail Is “albert1gigliotti@hotmail.com”. Just give me the word.

  5. I love b&w, burned so many films and paper developing and trying to get the right combination with out much study…a good friend from Colombia introduced me to b&w developing back in Israel…turns out my best shots are those from people and bad developed…
    keep on imaging your vision on the wire!

  6. Perfect Aperture

    I’ve seen so many of these I’m all 365’d out however… Don’t stop shooting cause your very good at it.

  7. roroswrld

    This is so refreshing. I grew up learning B&W way before Digital Cameras. It is so refreshing to see Black & White pictures. Loved each and everyone of them. Great job.

  8. It’s great to see classy black and white work on a blog. I spent my first 20yrs in photography home processing and printing B&W. You’ve got a real eye for the ‘decisive moment’. Fantastic set

  9. loved these set of photos…. especially ‘Waiting to cross at Sonnenallee’ . your photos make me think.. thanks a lot 🙂 …. hoping eagerly for more photos….

  10. calvininjax

    I saw your blog featured by WordPress as I logged off in the early hours of this morning. I am so glad they featured it because your blog is one of the best photography blogs I have come across for several reasons.

    First,I love your approach to B&W photography and applaud you for sticking with B&W film in this digital age.

    Second, Berlin is my favourite city in the world. Ivisited it several times in the 1990s when I was living in the UK.

    Third, you are a highly talented photographer and I will be following your work from now on.

  11. I’ve just recently taken interest in doing b&w now that it’s the dead of winter around here & there’s no color, but lots of crisp, clear sunny days. I stumbled upon your blog and am absolutely amazed and inspired by these photos, and have learned some things too! I’ve been posting some of my b&w on my wordpress blog (wildstar84) and referenced your post there. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos!


  12. “a visit to library” will be my choice of the photo, like this black and white world photos, greetings 🙂

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