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The year in street photography

2011 was the year I carried my camera almost everywhere, the year the camera became an extension of my right arm, the year I found myself on the streets over and over again, the year the streets accompanied me through my highs and lows. This post is not a personal best-of, but rather a selection of how I saw and felt about street photography in 2011.

January. After having neglected street photography for a long while, I picked up my camera again. It instantly felt right.

It stuck as the month the obsession started (again) and never left.

I took walks for hours, alone. I shot everything I saw.

I took the bus instead of the subway, so I could see and shoot from the upper decks.

February. I changed perspectives.

I tried different vantage points.

I tried juxtapositions.

I discovered that I like shooting on familiar ground.

I found out that I like reflections.

March. I went to Frankfurt.

I tried getting close.

I shot street with my sister for the first time. It felt great.

April. I went to Hamburg.

Saw the Vivian Maier exhibition. Was blown away by her work and frustrated with my own.

I kept on shooting anyway.

Most of the stuff didn’t feel right.

May. I went to Austria.

Vienna taught me how to see light.

Vienna taught me to wait.

I went to Latvia.

I worked on a movie set. I shot whenever I had a break.

I went to Riga.

I dared to get closer.

I was suprised with what I could get away with.

I took Robert Capa’s words literally.

June. I went back to Berlin.

I tried shooting from my bike, never turned out any good.

I still thought that I had to get closer.

But somehow it didn’t feel quite right.

I went back to my old approach.

I used public transport instead of my bike. I wanted to shoot all the time.

I decided that I was okay with taking pictures of kids.

July. I went to Frankfurt again. I was inspired by my sister.

I discovered medium format.

I went back to Berlin.

I got comfortable shooting people.

I tried shooting at night.

August. I went back to what I thought I could do best.

I discovered that I loved harsh contrasts and shooting around midday.

I went to Frankfurt again. I decided I would go back to shooting film. It changed everything.

This was one of the last frames I shot digital.

This was the last frame I shot digital.

September. Analog. Medium format. Color.

It felt refreshing.

I got a rangefinder. It changed everything again. I shot only color for an entire month.

I found out that I was better at black and white.

October. The rangefinder system was a revelation.

It freed me from the constraints of the slr. It changed the way I see.

I set up a mini lab in my bathroom and got into developing again.

November. I was obsessed about developing and scanning.

December. I changed my pace.

I let things happen.

Some things came together nicely.

Some things sucked, but I’ll keep on shooting anyway. I’m ready, 2012.



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