Some frames from a roll I shot in september, it seems like ages already. I developed the APX 100 in Xtol, but I’m not so happy how they turned out, I like the tones of Tri-X much more. I haven’t shot at all the past two weeks, my beloved Konica is in the camera clinic, she wasn’t doing so well. I miss her terribly and I try not to look around too much, because I only see the moments I can’t capture. She’ll be back from the doc next week though, can’t wait to have her with me again.

Goerlitzer Park

At Rathaus Neukoelln

Magritte was here, he has some spelling problems.

He stopped to see what I was doing.

Saw her on the way home.

Castrated trees on Puschkinallee.

The sticker says “Welcome to Schwabylon”, it’s a social comment on what’s been happening in this neighborhood.

Around Reuterstr.

The light was good that day.

Kottbusser Damm

Cafe am Kotti



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  1. Looking at your pictures brought me so many good memories from my time in Berlin, i spend 5 months in Berlin, and oh how much i miss it. I am still living in Germany, Karslruhe, (now visiting my hometown in Venezuela), but pretty soon will be moving to Brasil. The freedom of being able to carry a camera all the time in Europe is incredible, wish it was the same here in South America, but insecurity is a big negative factor sadly. Will definitely subscribe to your blog, really like your shooting style. Keep on the excellent work.

  2. Wie Prinz Pi schon sagte: Weil Kreuzberg verprenzlbergt und Prenzlberg verschwabt ist, Zog ich wieder nach Schöneberg, wo Berlin noch wahr ist.
    Mir gefällt dein Blog von Eintrag zu Eintrag besser 😉 wirklich schöne Bilder.

    Ich bin derzeit auch gespannt, hab den APX100 im Sommer verschossen, hab noch 9 unentwickelte Filme rumfliegen. Müsste ich auch mal in Angriff nehmen….

    Mach deinen Blog auf jeden Fall weiter 😉
    Liebe Grüße,

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