Streets in color

Over the summer I started to shoot with a Rolleiflex (Carl Zeiss Tessar 3.5/ 75mm), my mom used to photograph with it about 30 years ago. It still works perfectly, it’s all mechanical and I love the feel of it, it’s such a beauty. The attention it gets is not always good when you want to stay unnoticed, but I tried my luck at shooting street with it. It still takes me a while to (hand) meter (with a Gossen Sixtino), compose and focus. The viewfinder (mirror-inverted) still messes with my mind, especially when it comes to moving objects. I used different kinds of long expired color films (from the discontinued Agfa Optima 100, to Superia 100, to Kodak Color 100 and Reala 100), I still had them lying around in the house, non-refrigerated, so the colors look all different. On some of photos they are way off, but I didn’t feel like correcting them, I thought I’d rather post what the negs gave me. Here’s a selection:

You don’t stay unnoticed for long if you shoot with a Rolleiflex. I think they liked the idea of being photographed with an “old” camera, so they smiled and asked me if I’d send them a print. Taken at Goetheplatz, Frankfurt.

In the early morning hours at a coffe stand at the farmer’s market in Frankfurt.

The lab fucked up some of my negs, thanks for that. I think this might have turned out nicer in bw. Gotta buy some Tri-X soon.

Back in Berlin, at one of the many cafes/bars around Weserstr.

Another day, another cafe.

This is usually a busy corner bustling with fashion victims around this time of day. I took my time to compose and focus and when I was ready to release I was lucky that only these two guys were crossing the street.

Taken while having lunch at Rosenthaler Platz.

In front of Bateau Ivre, Oranienstr.

At a street art festival at a former military hospital compound, Heilstätten Grabowsee.

At Grabowsee

Filming a skate movie in Goerlitzer Park


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  1. i am not a photographer… but i liked it.. the different variations of colour makes it look even good.. hatssoff for your hardwork with the old camera šŸ™‚ … for a creator or maker every work of his/her is treasure but for the one who looks it or buys it is just an enjoyment… we treasure it , they enjoy it…. Keep up the good work… All the work is awesome šŸ™‚ …. keep up the good work….

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