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Leaking Light

A selection of random color shots I took over the past month. All shot with my little rangefinder and with random supermarket film and Kodak Farbwelt (which I believe is the same as Kodak Gold), all ISO 400. There are light leaks on some pictures, I was waiting for the light seals to arrive, but I couldn’t keep myself shooting with it since the camera is so small and light. It’s all fixed now.

Tried a panning shot here. I never liked the idea of continuous shooting for street. I guess I’m a bit of a purist, I don’t want to shoot 7 frames per second on the street.

I have no idea know what they laughed about. Must have been good.

They were looking at a mirror and other random stuff someone left in the street.

Skating while waiting.

Returning books to the library.

I have no idea why this turned out so blueish.

Speaking of blue… They serve delicious cakes & cookies.

A former substation turned into offices.

P├ętanque players at the canal.

Entrance to the restrooms of the reopened market hall in Kreuzberg.

Liked the color palette.

I usually don’t post pictures of friends here, I try to keep this blog about street, but I had to make an exception, I like the colors too much. There might be more exceptions in the future…



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