Spent a couple of days with my sister and friends in Frankfurt. Geeked around at a camera fair for used analog stuff. Found some cheapo rangefinders. Been to the cinema since ages. Shot street with my sister. Shot film again. Had lots of sun and delicious food. Was good to be back.

On another note, the light is different in Frankfurt. It falls much softer through the high-rises than in Berlin where it feel rather harsh and bright. Also people are less self-consicous, they don’t really give a shit about being photographed. That’s different too in Berlin.

While having coffee with my sister at Naschwerkstatt.

Goetheplatz at sunset.

Book store Walther König.

Theatre Frankfurt

Man in the mirror

Central Station in the back.


Liked the reflections bouncing off of the mirrored windows.


Teenage memories. I used to come here after school was out and watch the skater boys do their thing.


The light was most beautiful on this afternoon and I wish I’d taken this on film.

Black dress, white dog.


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