Things to take care of

All taken on the way to the shopping center and back.

Passed the supermarket.

One of the bigger buildings in Berlin.

Inside the shopping center, seen from the escalator. I thought the carpet would look nice in bw.

He was looking right at me when I got out of the shopping center.



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2 responses to “Things to take care of

  1. I am so impressed by your black and white photos that I am digging up all the archives on this blog to get to see more of your work. The texture and the sharpness in the photos is so rich. I have tried to take photos both with digital cam and DSLR but they don’t have this kind of edge. any suggestions perhaps? (i know your use leica cams but I am looking for cheaper options i have canon 1100 right now)

  2. With digital cameras, I would shoot in raw mode, use a wide angle lens (35mm equivalent), for post processing try Silver Efex Pro, it will give you good results for black and white. Hope that helps!

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