Waiting for summer

It’s been cold and raining for days, this years summer doesn’t feel like summer at all. There was no light the past days and my motivation to shoot was pretty low. Yesterday the sky cleared up and the sun came out for a few hours. I went to some of my favorite spots in my neighborhood.

Oberbaum bridge in the background.

One of my favorite spots here, it’s also one of the few spots along the river in Kreuzberg not being a construction site for a hotel or a media company or loft buildings.

Random doggy outing in Goerlitzer Park.

Liked the light.

The posters in the back say “dancefloor”. The guy saw me shooting it, he stopped and started to dance. Thanks!

Just had to shoot this scene, loved the expression of the girl. Ice cream > birds eating off of your hands.


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  1. The second last photo looks very much like where I live – in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Lots of street art. I love looking at streetscapes and photographing them (as I love to travel and they give a sense of ‘place’). It’s going to take me a while to get through your blog 🙂

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